Friday, April 24, 2009

Deep Thoughts by Beth Bowman

All I can say is why, on God's green earth, did I miss out on the whole Sex and the City craze? Or Sex in the City. Whatever it's called. Never understood the hype, but I watched the movie on HBO and immediately fell in love. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?! I always hated the title so I guess that's why I've bypassed it repeatedly the umpteen years it was on. Well boy am I sorry!

I did the same thing with Dawson's Creek years ago. Waited til it was in syndication and then realized my devastating mistake. So glad Grey's Anatomy is not on that list. I sobbed last night. Sobbed. It's still my favorite show next to American Idol. I won't miss an episode and if I do it's tivoed for the next available couch sitting. I've been told to rent the entire series box set of Lost. Probably gonna regret missing that ban waggon too, but there's only so many hours I can (periodically) devote. Sorry.

On to more important things like The Hills. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi (sigh). I mean, why hasn't anyone noticed or commented on all of her plastic surgery? Are we to ignore this? She looks completely different than in season one. And the only thing remotely consistent is her super annoying, Beavis look-a-like, 'I'm so great,' slithery boyfriend who cast some sorta spell on her years back. I really, really hate this show, but what can I say? I'm hooked. They lured me in and it's just too late.

Umm, what else? ..OH! How could I forget...John and Kate Plus Eight. Now here's a show Jon will actually watch with me unlike the above mentioned. I think it's the 'awe' factor. The show is good. Don't get me wrong. But I'm pretty sure the reason it's so popular is due to the fact that whoever watches it is immediately thankful they're not responsible for all of those children. (Sounds harsh I know, but you've gotta admit there's some truth behind that.) Please don't take this the wrong way. They are absolutely precious and undoubtedly all unique gifts from God, but come on. Other than Octomom does anyone say, "I really hope I have sextuplets. That would be fantastic" ?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random and Pointless Things about Me

There's nothing better than fuzzy socks and a day with nothing to do.

I am a terrible liar.

I've wanted braces for about ten years.

I despise arrogance.

I will eat anything fried and dipped in Ranch.

I love juicy gossip. (wish I didn't.)

I can love and hate my body in one day. (hence the fried Ranch stuff I guess)

I have close friends that have known me for 29 years. They are precious.

I love playing board games with my family.

I enjoy long conversations, but hate having them over the phone.

My husband laughs so hard he cries. I love seeing that.

I'm terrible with History and Spelling.

My son was named after a stranger's last name we found in a high school yearbook.

Not a big fan of meatloaf or taco salad.

I love reminiscing about high school.

I can't stand my kitchen to be cluttered. Bathroom is ok.

I didn't eat a single french fry in college. (made up for it as soon as I got married.)

My grandfather died when I was seven. Since then, no one I've been close to.

I wish I took more pictures.

I love hosting showers.

I never thought anything could make me smile at four in the morning until my son was born.

I could live off Diet Coke and Twizzlers if given the challenge.

My dog drives me crazy.

I am Saved and not afraid of death.

In my opinion, reality television was the best idea evvverrr!

I love fresh flowers in springtime, but can't keep them alive.

I miss the pre-motherhood days of no worries. Didn't realize how much that would change.

I like cake. I love chocolate. Can't stand chocolate cake.

A perfect day is on the beach, with friends, no phone, daiquiri in hand and massage scheduled for later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belated Easter Post

Just getting to a quick post of our first Easter as a family of three. Tanner was so handsome in his Sunday best! (Daddy thought he was a girl at first glance, but we don't really care now do we? It's Easter for cryin out loud and Tanner wanted to wear a white, smocked shortall. I didn't argue.) Anywayzzz, after church we headed over to Opelika for some family lunch n fun with Granny. Mr. Easter Bunny had stopped by to deliver toys, clothes and a big box of diapers. Yay thank you Mr. Easter Bunny!!!

He then, hopped over to Grancies with more fun goodies.

Mommy's Easter present was a new 'first' from lil T. He's now sitting up on his own. This should make bath time so much easier for all.
One last shout out before I rest my weary head.... Jon, happy birthday honey. I'm sorry it was somewhat overlooked this year. You deserve much more. I'm a lucky lady and I love you more each year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

YAY! I love Dr. Trumbull~!!
I'm six months old and off the charts in length.
I weigh 18.5 lbs

This table paper stuff is awesome.
(shots..not so much.)

LaFete Festivities this past weekend.

I wish I'd gotten more pictures, but was having too much fun.