Friday, October 23, 2009

October Update

Lot's going on these days in Bowman world.

The Georgia Bridgemen took Grand Champion at competition TWICE this month!
Jon has worked so hard. He deserved this more than ever. Congratulations, Honey! Ya'll earned it!

right side of the field...

... aaaaand... left side.

Oh, and we bought a house.
We're still unpacking and getting settled, but ahhh it feels
so good to be out of that rental and have a dishwasher again!

Tanner was bumped up to the "toddler" class Monday.
They tell me he's adjusting well. (I'm hoping there will
be less biting in this room.)
and if you decide to purchase one of these Ball Pits for your child, I would suggest an extra pack or two of balls. Can you believe that's literally what came with it? Come on now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Mushy Mom Post

Tanner is one year old.... jeez ... I can't get over how fast this year has flown by. And yet, it's hard to remember a year ago without him here and what my life was like then. Everyone says it. But these past four days have been....different...sad...along with reflective feelings of sheer gratefulness.

I love being a mom. I will say, I'm a much different mother than I thought I'd be, though. I thought I'd be the mom to dress her children perfectly each day with the creases and matching shoes. I thought I'd enjoy the fun, cutesy party planning. And I must confess, I used to talk about those mom's who let their babies run wild and barefoot with only a diaper on in public. I'm my mother. Ha! She never cared about those things. She spent time with us. She taught us things. She cooked. (ok. maybe not exactly like my mother) But those were the important things she spent her energy on.
I've been thinking a lot this week on my sweet baby boy and how next year will fly by just as quickly as last. I love so many things about motherhood. Here are a few.

I love:

Waking up to a six tooth grin every morning.

Chasing a naked, squealing butt down the hall.

Having jibberish conversations.

Instantly stopping the cries after shots by singing his favorite song.

Having my hair sucked at bedtime.

Feeling needed even when it hurts to leave him crying.

Teaching him words and watching his little brain at work.

Moments of reciprocated giggles when a tiny finger finds my nostril.

The expression of utter and explosive excitement when I pick him up at school.

Sloppy, open mouth kisses with a "mmmmwwoah" at the end.

A hardy belly laugh from deep down that's just contagious.

And most of all, I love how much I never knew I could love. And it's crazy to think that kind of love is only a glimpse of how our Father loves us. wow.