Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bowmans take Disney

I couldn't even begin to blog about all that's happened since my last post in APRIL !!! (sorry) But I thought our Disney vacation was post worthy to redeem myself.
We spent three magical days in this Land to celebrate two very special boys' birthdays
and it was WONDERFUL!!!
Seeing this place through your child's eyes is beyond words. I had no idea how much fun we'd have and I'm already hoping/planning for another Disney vacation next year. Here are a few recap pics of our trip.....

Chef Mickey's
Totally worth the early morning chaos to make this breakfast and spend time with all the characters. And the food was really good, too.

"Honey, I shrunk the kids" playground was a hit.

... brings out the kid in you.

Always important to eat healthy on vacation.

Lots of laughs

Tanner's favorite ride.
(second to Turtle Talk with Crush)

While I was busy reassuring our son that this was a fun ride,
Jon was busy shooting all the aliens and scored over 600,000,000 points all the while
oblivious to the family trauma in seat beside him.

Oh this was fun!
The boys found one of those sporadic, water fountains to run through. Tanner laughed so hard I think he quit breathing at one point. Great entertainment for all the passer bys, too.

...done for the day. I think Glenn's exact words were:
"Which one of you will volunteer to cut off my feet."

Thank you, Mickey, for an unforgettable family vacation with our best friends!