Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We had some pictures made over the weekend for Tanner's 3 month (he's actually almost 4 months old). We decided to go to Portrait Innovations where they give you zillions of pics to choose from and it's extremely inexpensive! The only downside was that the place was super crowded and my 'patient' husband was ready to go before we even started. Next time we'll reconsider doing this on a Saturday.

I got a new "do." What'd ya think? It's short and easy.

This was one of my favorites :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doom n' Gloom, Shmoom n' Gloom.

Well, it looks like 2009 it starting out great in the land of Real Estate. I got a second house under contract today and hoping it's a good start to a great year. Rates are low; prices too. Here's some fun facts if you're interested....With all the doom n gloom in the media I figure a little optimism is overdue....

Keep in mind, these are statistics from our MLS. Each area is different.

In 2008 there were 4,371 houses sold. Yes, this number is a little down from the past five years, but let's look at the big picture, shall we?

2007 = 5,491 houses sold
2006 = 5,951
2005 = 6,177
2004 = 5,736
2003 = 4,946
2002 = 4,208
2001 = 3,863
2000 = 3,655

It looks like to me, we're doing pretty well and even above where we were only six years ago. {Now, again, I'm speaking for our real estate market only. Sure, there are many other issues out there besides this.} Could it be that we're readjusting back to where we were? (and where things should be) Just a little food for thought.

And while I'm at it, here's the top five producing companies in the Tri-County area for 2008:

#5. P' Ballard/Prattville 3.27% market share
#4. P' Ballard/Montgomery 3.62% market share
#3. Alfa 4.31% market share
#2. Metro 4.82% market share
#1. Re/Max of Montgomery with 9.17% market share!


Monday, January 12, 2009

What a good weekend~ Tracy, Britney and I had a little Lake slumber party Friday night. We like to try and get away once every few months just to catch up and relax and enjoy some girl time. For whatever reason, our nice, quiet morning coffee turned into this....

... I'm not even sure why I'm posting these. They're so awful. Flashback to "Ovations" 1997. For those of you "non Opelikians" that's our h.s. show choir. I'm blaming this on Britney. She always seems to be the instigator.

we had fun, though.

Tanner is just a' growing. He likes sitting up in his Bumbo and watching "Baby Einstein." I don't understand how they do it. I mean, it's a red ball, and somehow it just hypnotizes them.

He'll sit here for a good 10 minutes without a peep.

Trent Micheal Reed:
Congratulations, April~!!! Trent is here! and healthy! and beautiful! and just precious! So glad we got to see the happy family today. Have you ever seen a prettier new mommy?

Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy New Year! We had a great time in Birmingham. The spa...wonderful. I fell asleep during my hour and a half Swedish massage. I'm telling you, that's the way to go. It's not like I get massages that often, but I've always gotten just an hour and it leaves me wanting more. The hour and a half was perfect, Although I could've easily gone two. We stayed a the Tutwiler hotel and had a superb Italian dinner at DiVinci's. While we're way too old for the party scene, we actually rang in the new year at The Iron Horse Cafe where "Azz Is" entertained us with some pretty impressive dance moves. I thought we did pretty well to stay up til 2:00 considering our normal bedtime is somewhere around 9:00 (or earlier).

Tanner wasn't thrilled we left him overnight. My mom and dad got to babysit a pretty fussy baby for a day and a half. Below is the aftermath of our little getaway...

Changing the subject...We've had a nanny coming to keep Tanner during the day since I've been back to work. Just recently we thought to change it up a bit by letting her keep him at her house. This way, I can work from home a little more and her two kids can play with their daddy who's also home during the day. Well, Roscoe has been spoiled by Amelia and Drew (the nanny's three and four-year-old). He lost a good 3-4 lbs while they stayed at our house cuz they literally played with him all...day...long... When we made the decision to go to her house the kids were super sad they wouldn't get to play w the dog anymore. Today was Tanner's first day at Mrs. Carol's house and he took this toy w him so that Roscoe's presence would not be forgotten. Second best.

April found this for Tanner. How perfect? I've kept it in the box b/c it doesn't say, "Roscoe" on the actual toy. How cute! I'm still in search of a "Bailey the Round-Up Pup" for her.