Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Lord's Tenant

I'm so exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open. Jon has been out of town and I'm wondering if I'll make it the rest of the week. I'm in transit from the "Rookie desk" to another office with disorganization written all over each day. Work....has been crazy to say the least and I'm running out of fuel.

I offered to take floor duty for a fellow agent last Thursday (info calls, answering questions etc.) which I did not have time for, but realistically needed the potential business. So I agreed. Well, that afternoon a man walked into the office. He didn't have an appointment, but asked to speak with someone in regards to selling his house. As we sat down to discuss his situation, I quickly realized this man was in financial trouble and in grave jeopardy of losing his home fairly soon. He eluded to a recent divorce, struggles with his new career and initial pressure to purchase his current property. I could see desperation behind his sweet smile.

I met him today at his home. We were honest in conversation and realistic in our goal to submit any offers to his collection agency in hopes of a short sale acceptance (a short sale is the last resort before foreclosure). Still, this man continued to smile. I had to tell him that the house he spent this last year renovating would recoup almost nothing of what he invested. He remodeled the entire home all by himself and was so proud of his accomplishments. He proceeded to show me all the other projects that were in his initial plan but couldn't complete since the money ran out. He was such a nice guy. Genuine and appreciative.

We walked outside to post the sign in front and I was shaking his hand on my way to leave. Well, out of nowhere comes the Holy Spirit. You know, when you're heart starts racing and you KNOW you've gotta do it and you really don't wanna? I try real hard not to ignore the Spirit, but sometimes what he wants from me is just completely inappropriate. There are laws about my verbiage in Real Estate that will revoke my business license and others that can land me in jail. I admit I hesitated for a good 30 seconds before making the decision. Whatever. It's the truth and so I said,

"I want you to know that I'm a Christian. And I pray over my listings. So, in case I can't do this alone.... well it just doesn't hurt to ask God to intervene."

(There. I said it. Goodbye.)

He could tell I felt bad for him. Not pity, but sympathy and compassion. He smiled and responded:
"Honey, this is not my house to lose. I never owned it. The Father does. I'm just his tenant."

He said before driving to our office last week, he prayed for help. He decided to Google 'Christian Real Estate Companies' in our area and we continued to pop up. Don't know why. Many of us are Christians, but we don't market that way. We proceeded to talk for a nice 30 minutes or so about Solomon and Job. Endurance and attitudes. Times of sorrow vs times of joy. All in giving God the glory he deserves.

It's just so neat how when we least expect it God reveals himself in little, subtle ways like this. And it's also nice to get confirmation from him on obeying the Holy Spirit and what might just come of it.

The Lord's tenant. I wish I had as much joy and peace during one 'bad day' as this man has weathering the storm. Guess that explains his smile.


  1. Wow! What a neat story!!!! Made my day too!

  2. Beth! Thank you for that story. I needed to hear it. God is so good!

  3. Oh my goodness. I have chill bumps! I am so proud of you for listening to the Spirit and not 'the rules of work.' It's sometimes hard to do now days with everything having to be 'politically correct.' What a great story. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  4. That is an amazing story, it gave me chill bumps! I love when God shows up in unexpected and obvious ways... and WOW, what an attitude that gentleman had! It challenges me to look at my circumstances differently...

  5. Love this story Beth-it really touched my heart. Isn't it amazing how we're taking on the roles of our moms now? That is so something your mom would have done.:) I will pray for this sweet man of God. Challenges me very much to remember that nothing I have is really mine, but HIS. Hope yall are doing well!