Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beth and Ebay sittin in a tree

Guilty pleasure with little remorse is my longtime friend, Ebay. Recently I've stolen these deals that just couldn't be passed
such as...
"Da Doe!" (he's not RaRoe anymore) but I HAD to get this one! Don't you agree?
Also found this lot of 5 for summertime daycare fun.

All Jon wears now' days is Dry fit shirts. It was new and usually these suckers are $50-$60 each, but not this one...nope. Only $14 buckaroos.

Ok. here's the deal. I already have these shoes and have worn them at least every other day for 4 years. I found them when Jon and I went to Vegas in 2006 and was about to give them a nice memorial ceremony until EBAY came to the rescue once again. They arrived yesterday and are now placed on a shrine in my closet ready to go for spring. How much you ask? $9.99 for another 4 years of bliss.

and yes
We're going to Disney in the fall and I just happened to stumble upon these already monogrammed and one size up cutie pie outfits! PERFECT. The gods are on my side.

(that's a joke. there's only one God. just had to add that disclaimer)


  1. YAY Beth!! I love Ebay too! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!!!

  2. Enjoy those sweet outfits! I wish John Parker could still wear them :(

  3. Beth will you shop for me on ebay for a commission? I'm serious! I need a crib, a rocker, some new bedroom furniture... Dad said to go to yard sales but you have to get up early to do that.